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Whether a family member has been charged with a crime, a loved one has passed, or your young family needs estate planning, you need an experienced, qualified attorney.  Jeff will meet with you to discuss your family's needs, providing peace of mind and a plan going forward.  Jeff works to end your stress.


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During your planning session, we work together to develop the strategy that works best for you and your family.  You select the planning level that suits your family's needs and your budget.  The decisions you make and plan you select determine the fee you pay.  All of your questions and concerns will be addressed without increasing your cost.  You never pay an hourly fee. 

 Jeff will meet with you during regular business hours, as well as evenings and weekends. Schedule a planning session today by calling (612) 986-3393, or email


Ask about our unique Kids Protection Plan

Most estate plans focus only on long term guardians for your children. However, with our unique Kids Protection Plan, you will select not only long term guardians, but also short term caregivers.  Your children will be cared for by the family members or friends of your choice immediately if the unexpected happens.  This eliminates a potential gap of several days where your children's care could be left to strangers.

Learn more and create your kids protection plan now!

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